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About Me

Miguel Gigante playing with Man May'd at the Welsh Club, Cardiff. October 2014. Photo by Glyn Bateman

My name is Miguel Sousa (also known as Miguel Gigante) and I'm Portuguese. I live in Wales, UK since 2003 and I feel home here.

Before moving from Portugal to UK, music was my life, I used to play in various projects and was also a guitar teacher. With the move to UK my life changed completely. While and after graduating in Multimedia from the University of Glamorgan (now called University of South Wales) technology became the main area of my professional life.

Working in Audio Visuals and also building Websites has been my job for many years now, but as if that wasn't enough, it also became my hobby, specially photography.

Although not doing much photography professionally, I have been learning and improving my photography skills for some time and will use this website to showcase some of my work. Feedback, positive or negative, will be welcome via my contacts page or social media. I'm not specialised in a specific kind of photography and in the process of learning I have been doing a vast range of styles and have decided to divide the photography session on this website into different styles.

I also love to laugh and feel I am a very happy person, with that in mind, I decided to create sessions for those subjects on the website too. 

I hope you enjoy your time on this website. Don't worry, apart from this page, the website is not "about me", it is more about the things I love and the things I do. Hopefully you will like them too.



Photo by Glyn Bateman - Miguel Gigante playing with Man May'd at the Welsh Club, Cardiff. October 2014.