Miguel Gigante

welcome to my world


I graduated in 2007 in Multimedia Studies and since then Multimedia has been my life. Mainly working with Audio Visuals, I have also been developing websites for clients and personal projects. 

Being a Multimedia person, I love reading and learning about everything related with technology. Yes, I'm a bit of a geek and am very proud of it. I love my gadgets and am always looking for the next thing. Sometimes some pieces of equipment make my heart bit much faster and I can't sleep until I have them in my hand. The main cases were the first iPhone (although I only purchased it when the 3G one came out) and more recently the Android Wear, I'm a proud owner of a Samsung Gear Live (although my first sleepless nights were about the Moto360, I couldn't wait forever Motorola). 

On this section of the website I will not only be showing you the websites I have designed/developed but also talk to you about what is new in technology and much more.