Miguel Gigante

welcome to my world


Music has been a very important part of my life. I started learning the guitar at 14 but very quickly was able to catch up to those lost 14 years.

I have studied classical guitar for 5 years at the Academia de Musica de Viana do Castelo, Portugal.

At the same time as studying classical guitar I played electric guitar and was involved in various projects. 

From original to cover bands I have played in many projects including being a resident musician at Rita Companhia in shows like "Amar Amalia" and "Deixo-me Ir Atras do Fado", where I played regularly with the actress Rita Ribeiro, the actor Hugo Rendas and the portuguese guitar player Carlos Goncalves to name a few. During that time I also had the pleasure to share the stage with names like Alice Pires, Adelaide Ferreira, Fernando Girao and many more.

I played many times in TV programs on all the three main Portuguese TV Channels including; Herman Sic, Praca da Alegria, Sic 10 Horas, Batatoon, Reis da Musica Nacional, Julio Isidro, Masterplan and more.

Since living in UK, although music has not been my priority, I have been involved in two musical projects, the first one was a Soul covers band called Supernatural where I played regularly for around 4 years and more recently the originals band Man May'd where I played bass and produced the first and only EP entitled "Living at the Speed of Love".

At the moment I'm not playing in any project but I intend to compose/produce music on my free time and will be updating the website with information as it happens.