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Your Happiness is on You

This is a tricky subject. I'm writing about it because I feel I can really help.

There is much to be written about this subject and I will probably not say it all in this article. Will just start here...please feel free to contact me and suggest any point you want me to talk about.

So, you are not entirely happy? Well, welcome to the club, you are not alone. In one way or another everyone has problems. Even those people we think live the perfect life.

A friend of mine always says: "Have you got a problem? Does it have a solution? If so, do not worry, it will be sorted. If there isn't a solution why to worry about it? Nothing that can be done anyway". It is a quite positive way of seeing things. Even the song says it: "Don't worry, be happy".

Not being happy is generally connected with being worried. Problems. But what is a problem? How worried shall it make us?

There are various kinds of problems. For example: Many jobs are problem solving orientated. IT or Audiovisuals are two examples. My job is mainly waiting for a problem to happen with Audiovisuals and once it happens I have to try to sort it out. Solving this kind of problems can be fun...well...sometimes.

Personal problems are a different matter. Still, there is a big division inside personal problems...some might be considered "bigger" than others. For me the problem is as big as it makes you feel down. If you can handle well the problem, then it isn't as bad as something that makes you go mad. (do not let this happen)

Most people say that when you are down you should think of other people with bigger problems...well, I don't agree with this 100%. How adding other people’s problems to mine will actually help me? :) If I have a problem and I start thinking about all the children dying in Africa I will go crazy for sure.

My advice is actually to try not to give much notice to problems. Try to minimize its value. Give bigger value to good things that are happening. e.g. don’t think of children that is dying, think of the ones borning.

The best "gun" to fight problems is using positive things. You might be thinking: "but nothing good is happening to me"...well...that is not the way to go...you need to improve your way to find the good things...first of all, if you are reading this Article I can straight away find some good things about it.

1. - You are able to have access to a computer and internet connection. (that is great, congratulations)

2. - You can see. (Or at least you have some way of having someone or something reading to you. That is good. )

3. - You might know how to read. What a blessing. There is nothing stopping you to get all the information in the world you want. Wow...Fantastic.

4. - You have me here. You are not alone. You can always talk to me or someone in any community around the internet.

Well...there is much more positive things I could mention but I think you can see the point.

What I want you to take from this article is that you should give more value to the good things than to the bad ones.

I can tell you that at this moment I have some problems around me. From a great person on my family having passed away a couple of days ago, to the father of a great friend also passing away. Adding to this I have a couple of divorces going on around me...still...I have to be positive with life...it might be a bad time right now, but good things are also happening, i just have to want to see them.

I will be writing more articles about the subject with suggestions and exercises for you to do to improve your positive energy.

Do not hesitate in talking to me and asking me questions. I will try to help you as much as I can.