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Neptune Duo: Wrist Smartphone or Watchphone

I was presented today (thanks Andy) with a new concept coming out by the end of the this year (2015).

I really like my smartwatch but it is far from being perfect. It is just the start of something that can be great, and Neptune Duo might be the next big step to get it closer to perfection.

Imagine a smartwatch that is actually your Android phone. It actually comes with Android 5 (Lollipop) and you can pre-order it now at http://www.getneptune.com/

Will.I.Am showcased his watchphone not long ago called i.amPULS and it is available from http://www.puls.com/ for 399 dollars. So, the idea of a smartwatch that can make calls is not new but Neptune Duo is the first Android watchphone. (that I know of)

But wait, there is more...

What makes this watchphone even better is that you can actually have a smartphone like device that you can pair with the watch and use it as a normal smartphone. This device is basically a screen with a camera, it doesn't hold any information, everything is done via the watch, you can even use the screen of a friend.

I think it is a great concept. I'm not going to be ordering one just yet but it can be the start of something great.

Check out the video to see what I mean: