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welcome to my world


Music has been a very important part of my life. I started learning the guitar at 14 but very quickly was able to catch up to those lost 14 years.

I have studied classical guitar for 5 years at the Academia de Musica de Viana do Castelo, Portugal.

At the same time as studying classical guitar I played electric guitar and was involved in various projects. 

From original to cover bands I have played in many projects including being a resident musician at Rita Companhia in shows like "Amar Amalia" and "Deixo-me Ir Atras do Fado", where I played regularly with the actress Rita Ribeiro, the actor Hugo Rendas and the portuguese guitar player Carlos Goncalves to name a few. During that time I also had the pleasure to share the stage with names like Alice Pires, Adelaide Ferreira, Fernando Girao and many more.

I played many times in TV programs on all the three main Portuguese TV Channels including; Herman Sic, Praca da Alegria, Sic 10 Horas, Batatoon, Reis da Musica Nacional, Julio Isidro, Masterplan and more.

Since living in UK, although music has not been my priority, I have been involved in two musical projects, the first one was a Soul covers band called Supernatural where I played regularly for around 4 years and more recently the originals band Man May'd where I played bass and produced the first and only EP entitled "Living at the Speed of Love".

At the moment I'm not playing in any project but I intend to compose/produce music on my free time and will be updating the website with information as it happens.

Mike Dennis - Fresh, Fun and Funky

On Friday I went to the Moon Club in Cardiff to check out some bands and got a very good surprise. It was a good night where I discovered some nice projects.

One of these surprises was Mike Dennis. What can we expect when there is only one guy on stage? With Mike Dennis the answer is: a lot. It is the true one man band. I'm not just saying it was nice because I was impressed with a person playing various instruments, I have seen that before, the loop machines are nothing new but in this case it is used into another level. As I'm talking about loop machines some people might start thinking about a guitar player, not quite.

Mike starts by giving us a bit of the fantastic Cajon (maybe my favourite percussion instrument). The nice beat is then followed by a few violin sounds added one by one using the loop machine. If needed, he also adds some "percussion" using the violin itself. On top of the very full sound created by adding all these flavours, Mike then present us with a very nice Rap that is not just the serious subjects by it also can be very fun at times.

I'm sure we will be hearing a lot more from this very talented musician. Well done Mike.



For more information about Mike Dennis please feel free to follow him on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/therealmikedennis

Living at the Speed of Love

Here is the first Man May'd video. Living at the Speed of Love is the song that gives name to Man May'd first EP.



Dusty in Memphis

Dusty Springfield - Dusty in Memphis

I decided to start this section with my most recent discovery. I know I should have known this album for a long time but unfortunately I didn't. Don't to the same mistake, if you never listened to it, now is the time.

A Friend of mine told me that I had to listen to this. He even said: "If you have any problem, this is the cure for it". He was right. :)

The album was released in January the 13th of 1969 in the US and 18th of April 1969 in the UK.

Produced by Jerry Wexler, Arif Mardin and Tom Dowd.

I checked and this album is available on Spotify for you to listen for free. If you want it just buy it from Amazon using one of the following links.


Get the album from Amazon UK

UK Cover

Dusty in Memphis

US Cover

Dusty in Memphis


Get the Album from Amazon US

US Cover

Dusty in Memphis

UK Cover

Dusty in Memphis