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The Unplayable Sofa Guitar

The Unplayable Sofa Guitar is a project created by the producer Paulo Miranda in Viana do Castelo, Portugal.

Unplayable Sofa Guitar

This project started with the idea of producing a "virtual album". The idea was to invite various musicians to record parts for songs, all this in separate days from the other musicians without knowing who was playing in the same songs. One musician would create a riff for a song and Paulo Miranda would repeat and work that riff in any way he wanted. He would then invite a different musician to add something to the song. This musician would just listen to what was already there and would add something to it, and the same would be repeated my other musicians afterwards.

I had the pleasure of being one of the first musicians on this project. I recorded guitars and bass in different songs. I also was one of the musicians that created the first idea for the song, always with the supervision and suggestion from Paulo Miranda.

After the album was ready Paulo invited us all to a dinner where we met the other musicians. (some of them I knew very well already)

After this album Paulo put together a group of musicians to tour around Portugal. This was also a start for a project that kept growing and is still running.


Unplayable Sofa Guitar