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2º Degrau

Photos of myself playing with 2º Degrau.

2º Degrau was a band from Viana do Castelo, Portugal, that played original Pop songs. It was a great time of my life. Musicaly it didn't get the results I would wish for. All and all it was worth the effort and the times spent with this great people were amazing. Thanks guys.

Miguel Playing First 2ºDegrau Gig

First 2ºDegrau gig at Glamour bar in Viana do Castelo


2ºDegrau Gig at A Bar in Moledo

2ºDegrau Gig at a bar in Moledo


2ºDegrau charity gig for the Kosovo people

2ºDegrau Charity gig for the Kosovo people, Viana do Castelo


2ºDegrau Gig

2ºDegrau gig. Escola C+S Monserrate, Viana do Castelo


Photos by Pedro Durao