Miguel Gigante

welcome to my world


Photography is one of my main hobbies. I really like photographing and reading about photography.

As I don't do photography professionally and don't make any money from it at all, I can't afford expensive gear and always have to try to work with what I have. At the moment my main camera is a Sony SLT A55 and I have two lenses, a Sony 18-70 and a Tomron 70-300. I'm now looking into adding a 50mm prime to my bag. Will keep you posted.

I like to learn and explore new styles, it is all about me enjoying the process. I can have a great time photographing animals as I do photographing landscapes or people. In terms of Sport I love to photograph Rally cars as it is also one of my favorite sports. Photographing rally cars can be challenging, specially when you don't have great gear and no "access to all areas". 

I decided to divide the photography session of this website into photography styles. You can jump straight into the style of photography you like more by selecting it on the Photography submenu but don't forget to check the other ones as well. 


Agua no Bico

I named this photo "Agua no Bico" as it is a Portuguese/Brazilian expression meaning there is something else coming we don't know what it is. The word by word translation is Water in the Beak and it is very appropriate to this image I took in 2012. 



Here is a photo I took some time ago. I actually don't remember very well where and how I took it but I believe it was in Portugal. I really like this photo for its simplicity.


Jordan Canyon

On our trip to Jordan in 2012 we were presented with this amazing landscape. We had the pleasure of admiring this view while siting on the edge having some tea. What an experience it was. On our way from Petra do the Dead Sea, our driver decided to stop to show us something, this was what he wanted to show us. There was a small old wood table and a couple of chairs and a Bedouin selling tea, of course we wanted the full experience and what a moment that was. We loved Jordan and almost everything about it.


Cardiff Bay at night


I took this photo while some people were waiting for me so I had to rush it a little bit. Maybe I should go back there with my camera with a lot more time. Cardiff Bay is a great place to go in the evening, have a nice meal and even go to a pub with some live music.

Cute Twins

Here is a photo I took of this cute twins while we were in the park having a pic-nic. This photo is a couple of years old so it might be time to photograph them again.


I love photographing Gorillas, they are Amazing

Here is one of the best Gorilla photos I have. To be fair this is a "shared ownership" between me and my other half. I believe it was actually her who took the photo, I have done the camera set up and the Editing. Still, I feel very proud of both of us for getting this great moment on camera.


Photo taken with a Canon 1000D with a 70-300 lens.