Miguel Gigante playing while a child looks curioulsy

I started learning the guitar when I was 14 with an amazing human being called Julio Viana. It is incredible when we find people who care and end up changing our life for better.

I have then decided to join the Academia de Musica de Viana do Castelo to learn more formally and to also learn music theory. I have done 5 years of classical guitar together with other modules such as Music Theory, Choir, Music History and Composition.

I played in various bands and projects with friends and then moved to more professional experiences such as being a resident guitar player at Quinta da Malafaia and then playing with the Actress/Singer Rita Ribeiro.

After moving to the UK, I have player in a couple of bands as well. A Cover’s band playing Soul/Motown and later on a Pop/Soul original band.

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